Creating accessible video and audio


How do I make my video / audio accessible?

Option 1 - Outsource

Order captions / transcripts via Swinburne Commons at $2.50 USD per minute (5 day turnaround). Simply email the title/url of your video and the name of your department’s Finance One representative to

If your request is for a specific student, please make your request via AccessAbility Services 

Option 2 - Do it yourself


Create your transcript using the below template and email the DOCX file to the Commons team who can host it alongside your video.

Download the Transcript template (DOCX)


Create your own captions using a variety of tools and email the SRT file to the Commons team who can apply it to your video.

View tools for captioning online videos

  • Camtasia
    If you are using Camtasia to create a screen capture style video, consider providing in-video textual instruction using Camtasia’s default captions feature. You can save open captions (always visible), or export an SRT file for closed captions.
  • VisualSubSync (tutorial)
    VisualSubSync is an open source subtitle/captioning program using audio waveform representation as its cornerstone.
  • Amara
    Amara is an open-source, non-profit project of the Participatory Culture Foundation. It supports YouTube, HTML5, Vimeo and other players.

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