The rapidly growing world of Indigenous astronomy (Free Astronomy Public Lectures)


The subject of Indigenous astronomy has skyrocketed in recent years all around the globe. A constant stream of emerging research is changing what we think we know about Aboriginal knowledge systems in Australia and the number of Aboriginal students studying astrophysics is rapidly growing. This lecture will introduce you to one of these students, Kamilaroi woman and astrophysics student Krystal De Napoli, and the research she and Dr Duane Hamacher are conducting with other Aboriginal researchers on topics ranging from Moon haloes, Sun Dogs, and supernovae to the antiquity of deep time oral traditions based on astronomical and geological evidence - even the official naming of Aboriginal stars by the IAU. This talk will explore the many ways in which Indigenous Australians encoded scientific information in their knowledge systems and some of the ways in which they pass this knowledge to successive generations. Presented on 1 June 2018.

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The rapidly growing world of Indigenous astronomy (Free Astronomy Public Lectures)

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Duane Hamacher (Monash Indigenous Studies Centre)
Krystal De Napoli (Monash University)

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About the presenters

Dr Duane Hamacher is an astronomer and Senior Research Fellow in the Monash Indigenous Studies Centre and an Adjunct Fellow in astrophysics at the University of Southern Queensland. He works closely with Indigenous elders and communities across Australia, Southeast Asia, the South Pacific, and Central America to learn about their astronomical knowledge and traditions.

Krystal De Napoli is a Kamilaroi woman undertaking an undergraduate degree in astrophysics at Monash University. In 2018 she will be commencing a cadetship with the CSIRO's Data61 team, and is working closely with Dr Duane Hamacher and Indigenous Elders in their research into Indigenous astronomical traditions. 

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