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Swinburne Commons is the centralised service for the management and distribution of Swinburne digital media.

Our focus is on publishing video, audio and image resources that are:

  • Open (to the world; or to the whole of Swinburne)
  • Compliant (with copyright, accessibility and Swinburne visual identity standards)
  • Enduring (does not have a short/temporary lifespan)

Contributed items can be easily re-used within the University (via Blackboard, Wiki etc.), or made open access to highlight the research strengths, teaching excellence and unique aspects of Swinburne (via iTunes U, YouTube, OER Commons etc.).

Diagram: Swinburne Commons distribution channels

Publishing to the World (Open access)

Swinburne Commons (Open) - resources are made openly accessible via a number of channels, including YouTube, iTunes U, and the Swinburne Commons site.

  • Intro and Outro:  All open access video/audio resources must use the Swinburne templates, or have the intro and outro signed off by Digital Marketing.
  • Copyright:  Permission must be obtained for all included copyright material before publication.
  • Accessibility:  Videos embedded into top level pages of the Swinburne University of Technology website require accompanying captions and transcripts.

Publishing to the Swinburne community (Swinburne only)

Swinburne Commons (Restricted) - resources are only accessible by Swinburne staff and students. Only logged in users are able to search for and access resources.

Restricting access to a single Blackboard unit - (Echo360 Personal Capture)

For audiences smaller then the whole of Swinburne - such as a single Blackboard unit - you may wish to consider the Echo360 Personal Capture system.

  • “Echo360 Personal Capture (or PCAP for short) is a desktop based recording system. It allows you to record and then edit the recording of your screen, audio and webcam and then publish your recording to your Blackboard unit in a similar way to SwinEcho."

See SwinEcho wiki page for more information

To contribute, please contact the Swinburne Commons team.

More information

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