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Swinburne Commons is the centralised service for the management and distribution of Swinburne digital media.

Contributed items can be easily re-used within the University, or made open access to highlight the research strengths, teaching excellence and unique aspects of Swinburne.

Diagram: Swinburne Commons distribution channels

Contribution is open to all Swinburne staff and each resource is moderated before going live.

Publishing to the World (Open access)

Swinburne Commons (Open) - resources are made openly accessible via a number of channels, including YouTube, iTunes U, and the Swinburne Commons site.

  • Intro and Outro:  All open access video/audio resources must use the Swinburne templates, or have the intro and outro signed off by Digital Marketing.
  • Copyright:  Permission must be obtained for all included copyright material before publication.
  • Accessibility:  Videos embedded into top level pages of the Swinburne University of Technology website require accompanying captions and transcripts.

Publishing to the Swinburne community (Swinburne only)

Swinburne Commons (Restricted) - resources are only accessible by Swinburne staff and students. Only logged in users are able to search for and access resources.

Restricting access to a single Canvas/Blackboard unit (Echo360 ALP)

For audiences smaller then the whole of Swinburne - such as a single Canvas/Blackboard unit - you may wish to consider the Echo360 ALP Personal Capture system.

See the Echo360 ALP page on the Swinburne Intranet for more information

More information

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